SaveAllTheTime makes it so you never commit files to Git without saving ever again, and reminds you to Always Be Committing

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Save All The Time

Sometimes when you work with VS and actually do stuff. It doesn't save the things you do. And it can be hard to tell that you're in that state. So then you commit your code and you miss out on the unsaved changes.

It makes you want to rage!

Until now!

This Visual Studio Extension saves everything ALL THE DAMN TIME!

GitHub Super Powers

If your repo is hosted on GitHub and you've got GitHub for Windows installed, you'll see the Commit Widget. It's a hint to always be committing! It will turn yellow, then red if you're not committing enough. If you click it, it will open the commit page in GH4W.

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But I don't use Git / GitHub / I think CVS is Cooler

That's fine, the "Save all the time" part will still work, you just won't see any UI. Still super useful!


Grab it from inside of Visual Studio's Extension Manager, or via the Extension Gallery link


Thanks to the Tango Project for the floppy disk icon